Animal Rescue Operations

Our Vision

Sampoorna Jan Kalyan Samiti strives to accomplish animal welfare through the medium of education. Our mission is to plant seeds of compassion towards animals, empathy for people and care for the environment, in the hearts of every school going child.

Our members believe that animal abuse and their ill treatment are deep rooted in the cultural and social mind-sets of the people and these require fundamental changes in how people think about their relationship with the animals as well as the environment.

If you care for animals and other creatures that we share this earth with and would like to contribute your efforts that could have a multiplier effect in building a compassionate society in India. Teaching school children compassion towards animals; empathy towards people and care for the nature is also a part of our mission.

Help Strays & Abandoned Souls

Being able to provide lifesaving medical treatment to hundreds of stray animals (like cows, dogs, cats and birds) every year is incredibly rewarding for us, but also costly. We couldn’t do it without the support we receive from our friends, family and donors.

Become A Volunteer

Experience the joy and satisfaction of working and serving for cause.

Who is responsible for carcasses of cows and buffaloes?

Who is responsible for carcasses of cows and buffaloes? Stray carcasses with a foul odor is a major issue breathing down our neck. They are carrier of several diseases. It’s shameful on the part of their owners as well as authorities to leave these animals to rot, especially after milking them.

If you spot animal carcasses in public. You can call +91 98993 25578 to report it.